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Executive Leadership Coaching
Executive Leadership Coaching

For individuals and organizations wanting to develop the strengths of current and future leaders

Coach Training
Coach Training

The Heart of Leadership Coaching® Program

Coach Training
Team Development

The Impact Team Program is based on Patrick Lencioni’s Best Seller: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Coach Training
Certified Facilitator Training

For those who want to become Certified Facilitators for The Heart of Leadership Coaching® Program and Everything DiSC®

Coach Training
Assessment & Facilitation Tools

To empower you to create a better workplace in your organization

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Whitepaper: Why Your Best Leaders Are Coaches

Organizations recognize that leadership coaching is a key aspect of every leader and manager’s role if they want to be successful in today’s marketplace. Get your complimentary copy of the Whitepaper, along with supporting research to show why your best leaders are coaches.

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Whitepaper: Why Your Best Leaders Are Coaches

What Clients Are Saying

  • Cindy Lamir is one of the most influential leaders that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from and working with. Her ability to challenge yet preserve one's spirit, listen and support without judgment, and give without expectation in return has been the greatest gift I've received in my professional career. I cannot imagine how I would've navigated obstacles over the past 5 years without her expertise and friendship.
    Kristi Brown, Economic Development Consultant at TVA
  • Cindy has been an invaluable resource in my introduction to corporate coaching. Additionally, she has helped move me forward in the application of leadership development tools and serves as a resource to me throughout this process. I would highly recommend Cindy's work to other companies seeking to build a coaching culture with high quality training, leadership development, and coaching tools.
    Shay Hurst, Senior Level HR Business Partner LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • Cindy Lamir is CEO of the appropriately named organization; Impact Business Coaches. Very few people in my career have made such an impact on my business, or my own professional development for that matter, as Cindy has since our implementation of The Heart of Leadership Coaching Program in my organization. She combines a savvy understanding of what makes businesses succeed with a deep passion for helping people grow and excel in every facet of their lives quite easily and effectively!
    Greg Force, President and COO at Tindall Corporation
  • I attended Cindy's Registered Corporate Coach program to become a business development coach inside my law firm. The program was fantastic, and Cindy is an absolute delight. Her one-on-one coaching with me was stellar, and I wish she was still coaching me. I highly recommend her and am happy to provide more detail to anyone who wants it.
    Valerie Nelan, Business Development Manager at Baker Donelson Law
  • You can count on Cindy - period. She is smart, committed to your success and a pleasure to work with.
    Kimberly Medlock , President of Smarter Training Matters
  • Cindy provides our company with the DiSC program materials, which are a great value. Besides that, I have attended her coaching certificate program which was very well done and she also provided support and encouragement as I earned my certification. In addition, Cindy has offered our company value-added services by allowing us to take part in early versions of a new team building program which I am very excited about. She is great to work with and really cares about her clients. She is quick to respond to any question or request we have. I would recommend that you consider her products and services.
    Michelle Brockman, Training and Development Manager BMW Manufacturing
  • Cindy has the unique ability as a trainer and a presenter to be a subject-matter-expert, yet incorporate all of the class feedback and opinions in a non-biased manner. Taking the Registered Corporate Coach curriculum with Cindy's guidance was a life-altering experience for me and I attribute much of that to Cindy's skills and knowledge of the material, and her passion for the well-being and growth of her students.
    Heidi Lumpkin, Director of Instructional Design at Ricoh Americas Corporation
  • Cindy is an extraordinary leader and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with her. Through her talents and passion for developing others, Cindy has made a deep and long lasting impact on my life, both personally and professionally. For anyone who wants to grow and make a positive difference as a leader, I highly recommend Cindy and her team!
    Rob Smith, Vice President and General Manager at Tindall
  • Cliff Stanley’s coaching on strategic leadership and how to lead a large-organization is priceless. There is no one better in this industry! His hands-on personal leadership development was extremely beneficial to me in my career. Cliff’s high-energy and enthusiasm about his developmental topics is very contagious. I easily related to his stories, which drove home the learning. I learn something new every time I talk to Cliff, and I’m able to put it into action immediately. There is NO ONE BETTER.
    Lawrence A. Colby, Author, The Devil Dragon Pilot, and CEO, Mach278 LLC
  • General Stanley is a Jedi! He takes highly complex problems and explains them in simple terms. He teaches you to see and react, inwardly and outwardly, so well that you start achieving in ways you only dreamed of previously.
    George W. Flowers, Esq., Nonprofit Executive
  • I have had the pleasure and the privilege of experiencing Cheri's coaching skills as she led me through the formulation of my 'intention statement' declaring the direction of my future. Her sensitivity to the power of words gave an added depth, meaning and coherence to my thoughts. I found that Cheri brings to each encounter the compassion and mindfulness needed to create a safe space for exploration and creativity. As a surgeon I appreciated her intimate understanding of the unique needs of physicians. Cheri has my unqualified endorsement.
    ‪Bruce Jacobson MD, CPDC , ‪Certified Life and Physician Development Coach‬‬
  • Cheri Shumate is a phenomenal HR leader. She has a passion for learning and development and helping employees reach their fullest potential. Cheri has a skill for coaching team members in a manner that is encouraging and supportive that enables them to achieve their goals. ‪Cheri is particularly adept at working with medical professionals - physicians, mid-level providers, and clinical leadership. Using a thoughtful and compassionate approach, she can help guide those struggling with a variety of skills, whether it be communication, giving or receiving feedback, or adapting to a new environment, to grow in their personal or professional development. ‪Through her professionalism and caring nature she has gained the respect and the trust needed to be extremely successful in her role.
    Julie Robinson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP‬, Manager, Physician Engagement at Ob Hospitalist Group‬
  • My first impression of Cheri is still crystal clear: this lady is smart - and I can trust her. ‪Actually, I've learned in the years since then that my intuition was right, and yet had barely scratched the surface. Here's what I'd say now. Cheri is one of the most compassionate, perceptive, authentic people I know. And she's tough. As my executive coach, she gently unpacked some vital issues with me, helping me discover them for myself through her insightful questions. She knows how to probe deeply while showing profound respect, allowing me to see things within that I could've never seen on my own. If you're ready to make some new discoveries, implement positive changes, and realize your full potential, I strongly recommend a conversation with Cheri Shumate.
    ‪Paul Clark‬‬, Director of Advancement at American Leprosy Missions‬‬
  • I had the pleasure of being a participant in Impact Business Coaches annual event, the Coaches Circle. Cheri was a terrific presenter. She was approachable, open and really informed with her approach. She has a very easy speaking style and interacted with the group in an engaging manner. Her topic was "Coaching Physicians for Improved Communication" and Cheri was masterful in her command of the topic as well as her use of examples. I look forward to seeing her present again.
    ‪Cathy Graham‬‬, Team Coach, Executive Coach and Change Agent, Speaker, Author, Human Resource Expert‬‬
  • Cheri is a gem of a professional coach that I was introduced to through OBHG. Cheri is a brilliant listener and has the right amount of insight and opened ended questions to lead you to discover how to be a better team mate and physician. In Medical School, we are taught facts and differential diagnosis. No one bothers to teach the finer art of dealing with many Type A people in a high stress situation. Cheri has introduced me DiSC assessments to help me be a better communicator with my fellow coworkers. Cheri takes my previous knowledge and helps me apply it to the current situation. She amplifies my knowledge and reaffirms my faith that continuing to grow in knowledge and skills helps me become the physician God created me to be.
    ‪Becky Graham‬‪‬‬